Christine Show


Christine Show's Web Projects

I have coded and designed a number of web design projects from scratch as a Columbia University student. Here is a selection. Click on any of the images to see the completed project.

Timeless Women series

Timeless Women

I developed this Timeless Women page as a class assignment where we had to use available pictures of women in science and code it in a style suitable to Time magazine.

The top streets to visit in D.C.


I coded this city streetscape hot spots of Washington, D.C. using the 360 grid model. The page is designed to model the Washingtonian website embedding Google maps and user functions like a search bar and drop-down menu.

Top six European destinations for summer 2013


I created this travel page on the top places to eat in Europe this summer using various links to keep viewers engaged. Most of the pictures were taken myself and I included tips of useful phrases to order food in each country.

Have you been keeping current tabs on your favorite teams?

News Quiz

This is a fully responsive Web design project I hand-coded using JavaScript and jQuery. It is a sports news quiz about the latest headlines where users answer questions and get a response as to whether they were right or wrong.

News Nerd Profile

News Nerd

This is a presentation I need where I profiled a Web designer on his work. It is a responsive Web design with JavaScript and jQuery. On the Guardian Lessons and Interactives pages, a user can click on the headlines once on the page and get some interactivity.