Christine Show


Christine Show's Multimedia Work

Here is a selection of some of my recent multimedia stories.

Long Island Railroad Audio Postcard

This is an audio postcard I did of a typical ride on the Ronkonkoma branch of the Long Island Railroad in New York. I reported this piece using an Olympus LS-10 audio recorder. I edited and produced this story using Pro Tools.

Recovery after Sandy: Queens Museum of Art responds

This is an audio slideshow of a fundraiser held by the Queens Museum of Art to benefit the Rockaways, which was devastated after Hurricane Sandy in fall 2012. I reported this piece completely and edited and produced it using Final Cut Pro.

Newtown shootings: From tragedy to community

This is a video/photo piece of the Sunnyside, Queens community trying to move forward after one of their former young residents, Benjamin Wheeler, was killed in his kindergarten classroom in Newtown, Conn. I reported this piece using a DSLR video camera. I edited and produced the piece using Adobe Premiere.