The Top Six European Hot Spots for Summer 2013

Need adventure? Visit the hottest European destinations this summer.

(And click on key phrases to learn how grab a delicious bite to eat like a native!)

Florence offers an array of gorgeous historical sites, including il Duomo, the Ponte Vecchio and Michelangelo's David.

But let's face it - if you traveled all the way to Italy in the summer, you want to cool off with a refreshing treat. Indulge in some gelato.Gelato

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A well-known gelateria is Vivoli, located around the corner from the Piazza Santa Croce. But for a real delight, take a walk to Badiani on the city's outskits. Try the flavors bacio and buontalenti. Your tummy will thank you.

Paris is famous for landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triumphe and the Mona Lisa inside the Louvre.

While touring the sites, don't forget to stop into a pâtisserie and try an assortment of French pastries.Croissant

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For a delightful meal-on-the-go for breakfast, try a croissant. Stop into Pierre Herme on rue Bonaparte or Maison Kayser along rue Monge for some flaky goodness.

For your stomach's added pleasure, order your croissant au beurre - or with butter.

Munich's rich history can be felt walking down the popular Maximilianstrasse.

Much of the city's architecture was rebuilt after World War II because of extensive damage during the war.Pretzel

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As you stroll through Marienplatz, Munich's central square, and the English Garden, you might build up an appetite.

Try Bavarian pretzels at Backevei Muller or Rischart.

Santorini, one of Greece's islands, will capture your hearts for two reasons: 1. Views from its mountain top will take your breath away and 2. You will have the best meal of your life.

The greatest way to make your Greek summer vacation complete is to try one of the island's best gyros.Gyro

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Try the Toast Club in the Fira section or Lucky's Souvlakis in the Thira section.

You won't go wrong with a chicken gyro. And make sure yours is stuffed with French fries.

Dublin, home to the Dublin Spire, Trinity College and all things green, is a quaint city with an easygoing style.

If you're in the mood for a tasty alcoholic beverage, Dublin can offer you up some of the best. Although there's plenty of pubs scattered across the city, why not try drinks straight from the source?Guinness

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There's the Old Jameson Distillery and, for roughly 14 euros, you can tour the Guinness Factory and get free samples, including a whole pint as part of your entrance fee.

Prague is a city full of new architecture mixed with an old-time feel. You can stroll down the Charles Bridge, visit the Dancing House or tour the huge Prague Castle.

If you're in the mood to catch a bite to eat, consider getting dumplings - a local treat. Prague is known for its potato and cabbage dumplings at a reasonable price.Dumplings


Grab yours at Bredovsky Dvur on Politickych veznu or chow down and gulp a cold one at the beer house U Medvidku along Na Perstyne.


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